Super Quiet UnInterrupted Listening Time

Do you feel like you aren't equipped to teach your children about music?


Do you have absolutely NO musical background?


Do you avoid music in your homeschool because it would just take too much WORK to teach?


Are you looking for a great homeschool co-op class to teach, or maybe a fine arts class for your hybrid school?


Are you an elementary music teacher looking for easy plans?

SQUILT is a music appreciation curriculum that is easy to teach. Each volume is simple and affordable. 


It is for the parent with limited or NO musical knowledge. 

SQUILT is for the parent that wants to learn alongside their child.

It is for the music teacher that needs something they can pull out that takes NO work.


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My name is Mary Prather and I am the author of SQUILT Music Appreciation.  I am also the owner and author of Homegrown Learners, a homeschool blog that helps you grow your learners ONE DAY AT A TIME.  

I have an undergraduate degree in Music Education from Southern Methodist University  and a Masters Degree in Education from Georgia State University. After much experience in public schools and now in our own homeschool, I saw a need for quality music appreciation materials. 

I have designed this curriculum so that you do not have to do any work. I have done it for you!

Questions about SQUILT?  Contact us at and we will do our best to answer them!




What exactly is SQUILT?

It is short for Super Quiet UnInterrupted Listening Time, and was an idea I used to use in my days as a classroom music teacher, and have now been using with my own children. It is perfect for preschoolers, elementary students, and middle school students.  


SQUILT is "Fail-Proof"

"Mary has created a music appreciation course that even a music-phobe can use. No more wondering if I'm covering the "right" composers or the "right" pieces. SQUILT has it all laid out in chronological order.

As a user of notebooking, I'm a huge fan of Mary's customized notebooking pages which she integrates into the study. There is really no more excuse for not enjoying music in your homeschool. This is fail-proof."

~ Jimmie -- Jimmie's Collage, Notebooking Fairy





"My favorite homeschool resources are the kind that are totally open-up-and-go. With SQUILT, Mary has collected the best links, stories, and music - all I need to do is open it up and start enjoying music with my children. It's my favorite way to explore music with my kids!"

~Sarah Mackenzie -- Amongst Lovely Things, Read Aloud Revival