Super Quiet UnInterrupted Listening Time

The idea behind SQUILT is quite simple. Expose children to great pieces of music a little at a time. Through short, guided listening sessions children will become more aware of the elements of music, thereby growing in their abilities to appreciate and discuss beautiful music.

Typical Lesson

The average lesson should take no more than 30 minutes. 

A piece of music is played for your child. You should ask your child to be "Super Quiet!" and listen to the music carefully.  (I like to ask my children to close their eyes for this part.)

After the first listening, you may discuss the music with your children (using discussion points I have provided in the EBooks).  Listen again to the piece, while your children fill out a SQUILT Notebooking Page.  (I have included a drawing page in the ebook for younger children who will find writing daunting.)

Download the main SQUILT notebooking page by clicking below.



You can also download sample pages from Volume 1: Baroque Era, sample pages from Volume 2: Classical Era, sample pages from Volume 3: Romantic Era, and sample pagesfrom Volume 4: Modern Era.