Free Advent SQUILT Lesson

Advent is the perfect time to incorporate beautiful music into your schooling plans. 

Free Advent Listening Lesson from SQUILT

Please enjoy this FREE download. All listening links, notebooking pages, and teacher instructions are included. 

Two versions of this traditional Advent hymn by Charles Welsey are included.  The history of the hymn, as well as particular music elements, are explored. 

The goal of each SQUILT lesson is expose your child to beautiful music, and to train them to listen for the essential elements of music - and then articulate those thoughts. 

If you are familiar with the SQUILT lesson format, then you know exactly what this lesson looks like. If you AREN'T familiar with how a SQUILT lesson works, this is a perfect way to try out a lesson for FREE!  

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Posted on November 28, 2015 .