5 Reasons to Join SQUILT LIVE!

Children deserve a quality music education.

Music represents everything beautiful in the world. It gives us a window into the lives of composers in different eras. It puts us in touch with each other's humanity. It elicits feelings and emotions like nothing else can.

Music is a gift - one that is so very simple to give to our children.

Through Super Quiet UnInterrupted Listening Time, children learn the essential elements of music through listening to beautiful music. They practice the habit of attention. They develop a repertoire of pieces they enjoy and can keep in their memory bank forever.


 5 Reasons to Join SQUILT LIVE!

Children have been using our SQUILT PDF music appreciation curriculum for years. 

Through our simple, effective lessons - that are 100% scripted for the parents/teachers - children's vocabulary of and appreciation for music can be broadened and nurtured. 

Now, we've made things even EASIER for parents and teachers. 

Enter SQUILT LIVE -- where a music appreciation expert (Mary) teaches live, online lessons to children.


Here are the top five reasons to join SQUILT LIVE!

SQUILT LIVE! Makes Music Fun!

Our students are engaged throughout their live lessons. 

Through listening maps, chants, hand motions, silliness with their teacher, and interactions with each other, SQUILT LIVE! lessons are something children anticipate with joy! 

Many times a composer's life will provide interesting tidbits for children to latch on to - such as the fact that Tchaikovsky was afraid his head was going to fall off while conducting, so he conducted with one hand while holding his head on with the other! (I'm pretty sure when children hear The Nutcracker from then on they will imagine Tchaikovsky holding his head on! )

In the weekly email sent out to SQUILT LIVE! parents each week there will be suggested resources, books, and other engaging materials to make the subject come alive for children.

Music is FUN! 

And guess what?  If our children associate learning about beautiful music with fun and happiness NOW, those feelings will translate throughout their life.

 5 Reasons to Join SQUILT LIVE!

This student is moving according to which instrument family she hears during a lesson about The Chinese Dance - from The Nutcracker. 

NO Work for the Parent

Wouldn't it be nice to not have to worry about this one thing?

A membership in SQUILT LIVE! assures you of this: all lesson preparation and teaching is DONE. Not only that, but it is done by a professional music teacher (Miss Mary) with over 25 years of experience in classrooms, churches, piano studios, co-ops, and homeschool. 

One of the hidden benefits of SQUILT LIVE!, however, is that parents are learning right along with their children. It's a great opportunity for YOU to reclaim your own music education!

 SQUILT LIVE! Makes Learning About Music Fun! 

These children are learning that the Modern Era of music can be SURPRISING!


SQUILT LIVE! Builds a Habit of Attention

Each live lesson includes an extended period of time to simply LISTEN. 

The children, however, aren't just letting their minds wander. They are listening for the specific elements in a piece of music - things like Rhythm, Tempo, Dynamics, Instrumentation, and Mood.

Even our youngest listeners (ages 3 and 4) are able to listen to 4-5 minutes of a piece of music and articulate their feelings about that piece, whether it is through verbal narration or drawing what they hear. 

How often in our world today do we require a child to sit for five minutes and just LISTEN to something without words?

(I would challenge many adults to do this without becoming restless.)


Children Learn the Vocabulary of Music

Our seasoned SQUILT LIVE! students know their Elements of Music well and can use them in a discussion about a piece of music.

This child is listening to Mozart's Variations on a French Nursery Theme (we now know it as Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star) and recording her impression about each one of the variations. 

Our Elements of Music posters can be quite helpful to children when learning to speak and write about music, too.


 5 Reasons to Join SQUILT LIVE!  

 5 Reasons to Join SQUILT LIVE!

Children OF ALL AGES Gain a Lifelong LOVE of Beautiful Music

Children are sponges, and if we expose them to things of beauty consistently they will naturally crave them. 

We are building happy memories around music - creating a musical culture in the home. 

Just as an adult who loves reading was most likely exposed to books as a child, so an adult who loves music probably grew up in a home where music was valued and appreciated.


 5 Reasons to Join SQUILT LIVE!

These children demonstrate how music from the Romantic Era can be happy AND sad.

Children ranging in age from 3-13 enjoy our live lessons. In fact, the lessons work particularly well with multiple ages sitting around the kitchen table learning together! We provide something for all ages to keep their hands busy and express themselves while listening.

It's a BEAUTIFUL thing.

Watch a SQUILT LIVE! Lesson and Decide for Yourself


Click below to gain exclusive access to a SQUILT LIVE! lesson about Scott Joplin's Maple Leaf Rag. This is a fun one! Children following a listening map to learn about one of the most famous Ragtime pieces ever written! 



 Free SQUILT LIVE! Video Lesson

What are you waiting for? 

Begin giving your children a quality music appreciation TODAY!


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