What supplies are needed to teach the SQUILT Lessons?

  • An internet connection and basic school supplies are needed. Since the SQUILT eBooks are internet linked digital products, all music links are online. You may print the notebooking pages in the ebooks as needed and put in a notebook for your student.

Do I need any knowledge of music to teach the SQUILT lessons?

  • No! This curriculum is designed for people with little or no musical knowledge. Every single thing you will need to know is outlined for you in simple steps. After several lessons your children will become wonderful at analyzing great music!

What ages of children will benefit from the SQUILT curriculum?

  • The target age is elementary and middle grades. All ages of children can work together and receive different benefits, which is why this curriculum is recommended for families with multiple ages. There are varied activities which are appropriate for all ages AND abilities. ADULTS also learn a lot from this curriculum!

How long do the lessons take? How often should we complete a lesson?

  • I recommend one lesson per week.  A lesson should take no longer than thirty minutes, sometimes less. I have also provided links and activities for reinforcement throughout the week. The goal is for your children to CRAVE beautiful music!

May I reproduce the printables for a class of children?

  • You may make copies of the printables for your classroom of students or for your co-op class. Please do not redistribute the book in any other way.

Will I receive the eBook(s) immediately after purchase?

  • Yes. Immediately after your purchase, you will be able to download your product immediately through the instant access page.

    Please save this page in your bookmarks as it allows you to access the product forever... SQUILT products are updated periodically to ensure the highest quality. 

    (You will also receive a confirmation email with your product access file.)

    You may save the product to your computer as a PDF file. You can easily use this file on your computer, tablet, or eReader.


Other Questions: 

If you have further questions, please feel free to email us. Someone from the SQUILT team will respond as soon as possible. 


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