Classical Era


 Lesson 1: Surprise Symphony/Haydn

Required Links

Listen to the Surprise Symphony  (this is just the second movement, which is perfect for SQUILT purposes)

Supplemental Links

The entire Symphony #94

An informative video about The Surprise Symphony



Lesson 2: Minuet/Boccherini 

Required Links

The Celebrated Minuet for String Quartet

The minuet performed by a String Quartet

Here is the minuet performed on the violin by a 4 year old.


Lesson 3: Piano Sonatina/Clementi

Required Links

Listen to the full sonatina

Listen to the full sonatina – movements easily labeled on the video

Supplemental Links

Find out more about Clementi and his life here.

Encourage your student to research the pianoforte here and find outmore about the piano.



Lesson 4: The Magic Flute/Mozart

Required Links

Watch the aria performed in German, the original language.

Watch the aria performed in the Ingmar Bergman film – this has English subtitles.

Supplemental Links

What is opera?

Learn about the difference voices in opera by clicking here.

To watch an hour long production of Mozart's Magic Fantasy, click here

Here is an animated plot summary from Minnesota Public Radio.

Free Mozart biography by Thomas Tapper

Mozart – from The Biography Channe



Lesson 5: Variations on Twinkle,Twinkle/Mozart

Required Links

Read more about this piece in the article, Mozart and the Origin of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Two recordings of 12 Variations on Twinkle Twinkle


Supplemental Links

Meet Wolfgang Mozart

"Mozart : The story of a little boy and his sister who gave concerts" by Tapper

Watch this episode of From the Top from Carnegie Hall to see an AMAZING example of Theme and Variations performed by a 13 year old violinist. 



Lesson 6: Flute & Harp Concerto/Mozart

Required Links

Listen to Andantino, from the Flute & Harp Concerto. 

Here is another recording, in a slightly more intimate setting.



Lesson 7:  Symphony No. 5/Beethoven      

Required Links

Listen to Symphony 5, Movement 1

Listen to the piece again, this time while watching the graphical score.

Supplemental Links

This video features a running commentary about the music (great for parents and older children if you REALLY want to explore the music!)

Rate each of these variations of The Fifth Symphony



Lesson 8:  Fur Elise/Beethoven

Required Links

Listen to Fur Elise

Watch a performance of Fur Elise by pianist Valentina Lisitsa

Supplemental Links

Read Beethoven's biograpy by Thomas Tapper by clicking here.



Lesson 9:  Emperor Piano Concerto/Beethoven

Required Links

Listen to Beethoven's Piano Concerto 5, Movement 1 (Allegro)

Here is another recording, this time performed by a much smaller group

Supplemental Links

This epic concerto is considered to be Beethoven's most technically difficult piano concerto. Read the the program notes from The Utah Symphony here.

This is a Beethoven violin concerto



Lesson 10: Symphony No. 4/Schubert

Required Links

Listen to Allegro, from the Fourth Symphony


Supplemental Links

Schubert's biography by Thomas Tapper

Can your student listen to the entire Tragic Symphony?

Watch this short piano piece by Schubert, March Militaire, performed by two children as a duet.

Watch the same piece again, performed by someone even younger!