Homeschool Enrichment Team



Nature Study, Music, and Art aren’t homeschool extras - they ARE the lifeblood of a healthy homeschool.

Join us as we offer live events and provide ideas for how to enrich your homeschool!

Not only can we integrate each of the subjects with each other, we can also integrate them with math, history, and more. We’ve watched countless families bring peace, creativity, joy, and beauty into their homeschools as we have helped them in each of our subject areas - and as we show them ways to connect subjects with each other.


We've also watched our own children flourish as we integrate truth, beauty, and goodness into their lives... which spurs us on to creative and unique ways we can help YOU incorporate nature study, music, and art into your homeschool!

In this age of technology we have been able to bring live and recorded lessons to families. Parents can outsource nature study, music, and art to qualified teachers who are ALSO homeschooling parents.


A little about us:

We bring years of experience to the homeschool community. Together we have graduated five homeschoolers and continue to educate five more at home!


Nature Study:


Cindy, a degreed elementary educator is the resident expert in all things Nature Study -   and so much more! Cindy serves the homeschool community faithfully through her blog, Our Journey Westward. She is also the author of numerous books and curriculum pieces. Her most recent addition is No Sweat Nature Study LIVE! classes!



Music Appreciation:



Mary focuses on all things music appreciation, using her degrees in music education and educational leadership to pour into the homeschool community. Through her blog, Homegrown Learners, she seeks to encourage and support homeschool families. She also developed the SQUILT Music Appreciation curriculum and SQUILT LIVE! online membership.




Tricia has used a degree in journalism to run a successful suite of homeschool sites (Hodgepodge, The Curriculum Choice, and Chalk Pastel) - and of course you know her as Nana’s @ Chalk Pastel's daughter! Nana and Tricia offer a broad variety of Chalk Pastel tutorials online and literally thousands of resources in their online You ARE An Artist Clubhouse.