Learn About Aaron Copland

A pioneer of American Modern-Era music was Aaron Copland.

Copland used traditional American themes and stylized them into a unique brand of American "classical" music.

A study of Aaron Copland is the perfect introduction to the Modern Era of music.

Copland's new and inventive style of music depicts the vast American landscape of the early-mid 1900s. His distinctive "sound" was perfected by his many travels abroad - ultimately returning home to meld all of the sounds he heard and his love for American folk tunes and culture. 

Children especially love Copland's music because it is closer in time to them. It is part of the Modern Era. Copland's music for Hollywood movies and everyday American scenes has a simple familiarity for a child.

Learn About Aaron Copland at SQUILT Music Appreciation

As we learn about his music we can also learn about the man, the times in which he lived, and the collaborations he shared with other artists.

Through a composer study highlighting the finer points of music, we can learn history, biography, geography, and more.

Use the following resources for an introduction to Aaron Copland. Then, join us in SQUILT LIVE! in October (for 30 days of Copland's music and live lessons (or access the recordings any time after October) to learn even MORE.


About Aaron Copland


Aaron Copland's Music


Aaron Copland quote - SQUILT Music Appreciation


Books About Aaron Copland

These books provide an excellent introduction to the life and works of Aaron Copland. 


Fun Children's Book About CoplandFun Children's Book About CoplandLovely Book About Copland's Ballet, Appalachian SpringLovely Book About Copland's Ballet, Appalachian SpringA Book Written by Aaron CoplandA Book Written by Aaron CoplandA Humorous Book About Many Different ComposersA Humorous Book About Many Different Composers



Listen to Music by Aaron Copland

We could get lost in all of Aaron Copland's music. 

There are two pieces that are particularly engaging for children:  Simple Gifts from Appalachain Spring and Fanfare for the Common Man. 

The history behind each of these pieces is important, not to mention the pure musical concepts that can be learned from each of them. 

Each of these pieces will be featured in November in SQUILT LIVE! - the month of Aaron Copland's birthday. We will go into each piece in-depth - learning about history, geography, WWII, the forming of America, and the new American sound that Copland single-handedly brought about. 

Here's a preview of Appalachian Spring. For a fun, quick activity, simply download this  Draw What Your Hear sheet and ask your children to draw while listening. 

In our live lessons, we learn about rhythm, tempo, dynamics, instrumentation, mood - and many other musical aspects of the piece.   



Learn More About Aaron Copland 

Join us this November in SQUILT LIVE! to learn all about Aaron Copland. 

After our celebration of Copland in November, these lessons will be available in the archives - which include over 55 hours of live lessons and printable lesson packets from all 4 eras of music.


SQUILT LIVE! Music Appreciation: Live music appreciation lessons for all ages


Questions?  Ask away in the comments below!

We are here to make music appreciation beautiful and meaningful for your family.

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