Ways to Learn Music Appreciation

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Let us teach your children music appreciation. With live lessons, a monthly listening calendar, and other benefits, we take care of everything for you.  

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Learn by era, composer, season, flashcards, and listening maps. Whatever your learning style, we've got you covered.

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Super Quiet
istening Time

A method that teaches children to listen attentively and focus on the essential elements of music: Rhythm,Tempo, Dynamics, Instrumentation, and Mood.

As children develop a habit of listening their appreciation for beautiful music grows deeper.

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Great for Co-Ops

"I am so pleased with what you put together. I am teaching 5 children in a co-op. Their ages and abilities vary. It’s so rewarding to see them learning this material, and being excited about it!"

~ Lisa, Homeschooling Mom


"Mary’s vivacious spirit and love of the subject kept my child attentive to the lesson. The music maps made following the music and learning easy and interesting. My daughter also enjoyed interacting with Mary and other learners by typing responses in the chat box."

~ Cheri, Homeschooling Mom

"Helping Homeschool Families"

"My boys (second and third graders) and I worked through Volume 1 of SQUILT this year, and we loved it! Thank you so very much for your information and for your program. You are helping homeschooling families in such an excellent and much-needed way!"

~ Allison, Homeschooling Mom
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