Meet The Instruments Bundle

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Learn the Instruments of the Orchestra with engaging flashcards, curated videos, and games.

This bundle includes the following three products:

  1. Meet the Instruments: Exploring the Orchestra
  2. Meet the Instruments: Matching Cards
  3. Meet the Instruments: BINGO

All files are pdf downloads designed for easy printing. A password protected resource page with over 40 curated videos and teaching tips is also included.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Leah G
Great products!

I love the versatility of the products! I can use them to play multiple different games with the kids over the coming weeks!!!

Arielle Miller
Great Music Program for Homeschooling

I’ve been using the whole Squilt program with my kids ages 6-9 this year homeschooling, and I’ve found the Meet the Instrument cards enormously helpful in teaching them in a fun way! We’ve played games, matching and categorizing with them, and also just having them around to refer to has been helpful. Definitely recommend them!

Nikki Dellinger
We love it!

My children are 9, 6, and 4. This has been a wonderful introduction to the instruments of the orchestra. I'm so thankful to have this addition to our weekly lesson plan.

Great Introduction to Instruments!

My six year old loves the flashcards that come with this set, and we've really enjoyed the list of videos showcasing the different instruments as well. It's a great introduction to orchestras. Also, the customer service from Squilt is amazing. Any questions I have are always answered so kindly and promptly!

Julia Bucy

I love these materials and the classes! So happy to have found this community