Incorporating Music Into Your Morning Time With SQUILT

Did you know that Super Quiet UnInterrupted Listening Time is the PERFECT thing for morning time?

This year we have started using a morning basket in our homeschool. 

It's a wonderful start to each day - a time where we include something of beauty and allow time for reflection and discussion. 


Incorporating Music into your Morning Time with SQUILT

Shortening SQUILT Lessons for Morning Time

Pam, at Ed Snapshots, is on a mission to guide homeschool families through every aspect of morning time. I am so pleased Pam has been using SQUILT with her family, too! 

In a podcast episode of "Your Morning Basket", Pam and I talk about how to use SQUILT during morning time, and in the months since we first recorded that podcast, I've come up with a very simple way to use SQUILT during morning time. 

A typical SQUILT lesson usually lasts 30 minutes, but you can shorten lessons for morning time. Children of ALL ages - preschool through high school - can benefit from SQUILT!

Using SQUILT in your Homeschool Morning Time


Morning Time SQUILT Suggestions:

1.  Present the piece of music -->> simply read the background info I already give you in the SQUILT lesson.


Using SQUILT in Your Morning Time

2. Listen to the piece one time quietly -- SUPER QUIET UNINTERRUPTED LISTENING TIME 

3. Listen again, this time fill in the basic SQUILT sheet together, or have your younger students draw what they hear on their own sheet. 

I give you EVERY single thing you need to know about filling in the SQUILT sheet, so don't let this intimidate you in the slightest! 

Don't get bogged down with too many details here, either.  The goal is to have your children critically listen for Dynamics, Rhythm and Tempo, Instrumentation, and Mood and to ARTICULATE what they hear - either orally, in writing, or a drawing. 


Using SQUILT in your Homeschool Morning Time

That's it!  Simple and easy. 

In future morning time lessons if you'd like to expand on that same piece of music, you can use the Supplemental Activities that go along with each SQUILT lesson. 

You can do one SQUILT lesson each week with your children, or more if you want.  That's up to you. 

In our homeschool we usually do SQUILT one day, art another day, poetry another day.... we have a rotating schedule of fine arts activities during our morning time. 

Click here to listen to the full podcast episode I did on Your Morning Basket With Pam!   And, don't forget to check out her wonderful book, Your Morning Basket.  It's full of great ideas for Morning Time. 


And, of course, don't forget to view the SQUILT products - each and every one of them can be used in your homeschool morning time!




Questions?  Comments?  I'd love to know if you use Morning Time in your Homeschool!

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