Learn About Beethoven

“Music is a higher revelation than philosophy.” ~ Ludwig van Beethoven

The music of Beethoven has spoken to listeners for nearly 250 years. His symphonies, sonatas, concertos, chamber music, and MORE have gained him the reputation as one of the most important composers in history - if not THE most important composer in history.

Giving our children a knowledge of the life, times, and music of Beethoven is a gift they will carry their entire lives. It will build an appreciation and love for music that will stay with them forever.

Additionally, Beethoven was a ground-breaker, not only in music -but culture in general. Beethoven's music takes us from the Classical style, full of balance, form and control - to the Romantic style, full of emotion and much less restraint.


Learn About Beethoven

Children’s Books About Beethoven

Children learn so much through stories. Quality stories of the composers give us a glimpse into the life and times behind the music.

Beethoven certainly had a colorful life (to say the least), and stories about him are engaging, funny, and often sad. It is good for our children to see the many facets of the composer, and to understand what drove him to write so many beautiful masterpieces.

Movies About Beethoven

Download and print this picture of Beethoven to include your SQUILT binder - or just to put up in your schoolroom as you are learning about Beethoven!

Favorite Beethoven Recordings

One of the easiest ways to expose our children to the music of Beethoven is just to play the music everywhere and often! Use these recordings to help:

And of course, the best way to learn about a composer’s music is to LISTEN. This video should give you enough to listen to for a while!


 Learn More About Beethoven:

 SQUILT Volume 2: The Classical Era offers three engaging lessons about Beethoven's music - along with 7 other lessons about Classical Era pieces. This is the perfect way to introduce your children to the life and times of Beethoven and his contemporaries. 

SQUILT Volume 2: Classical Era

Additionally, we have an abundance of Beethoven lessons in our SQUILT LIVE! archives. Check out the goodness here.

Happy Birthday Beethoven!

2020 marked Beethoven's 250th birthday! We had a huge celebration in SQUILT LIVE! 

In addition to our live lessons we will had a special (secret) contest with Beethoven prizes and a special guest lecturer to teach our parents more about Beethoven.

Our SQUILT LIVE! PLUS members receive all archived lessons for Beethoven's 250th Birthday as part of their membership!


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