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Listening Calendar
Breanna Vincent
Ease of mind

I am a pregnant with my fourth child and actively homeschooling. This calendar has provided me an easy way for my children to not go a day without rich music appreciation. A quick scan and couple clicks and we are set after our pledge of allegiance. Thank you kindly for this product.

Listening Calendar


Squilt is a highlight during our morning time. They love it and I love how simple and “click-and-go” it is for me. I don’t have to worry about content either. It’s fabulous!

January Listening Calendar

Love that it has links! We had fun with the musicals this month. Had trouble casting but don’t think that was a squilt issue so much as a YouTube/fire stick
Signing up for February as soon as we get paid :)

Love the listening calendar

My boys enjoy hearing the different music and watching pieces of musicals.

Listening Calendar

The January listening calendar was a wonderful addition to my teens' morning time. Sparked lots of fun conversations.

Christmas Carols
Erika Theising
Christmas Music appreciation

My children, ages 7-13 have enjoyed the Baroque SQUILT so I decided to get the Christmas carols for December. I will definitely get the next volume next Christmas

Elements of Music Posters
Crystal Freeman

Perfect for displaying in our homeschool room and a simple way to add to our music education and awareness.

Christmas Carols
Very good

We are enjoying the Christmas Carols study. My son likes the Draw What You Hear sheets, and we are learning a lot about music through listening for the different elements on the notebooking pages. I would love if we had access to a private playlist for the music in addition to the links in the document. Overall, I'm very happy with my purchase and I'm looking forward to more in the future.

The Nutcracker
Lynn Shear
Not enough detail

The study gave little that wasn’t easily accessible in a quick search. In fact, the videos provided weren’t as good as the ones I found through searching Youtube myself, and the notebooking pages were very simple. I appreciate the effort made creating this, but it really needs more to make it worth the price.

Great cards! Students of all ages really enjoy them.

Elements of Music Posters
Jennie Anderson-Fritsche

Good, but a little bit hard to read the vocabulary..maybe bold or some other addition?

Fun Game!

We loved playing this in my homeschool co-op class! The kids had a blast and it was great to mix up listening time with a hands-on game.

Listening Calendar
Annie McCumber
Love it!

I have kids aged 10-16 and we all look forward to SQUILT each day. Even the selections we don’t enjoy lead to rich conversation, and I can see that we are all becoming more aware of what we like, and of the talent and the work that goes into the creation of music. I also very much love how simple it is and that there is no prep work.

Great Addition to a “SQUILT Board"

Bought this and have added the print outs to our SQUILT board.

Meet the Composers

My Grandson is 9 yrs old and is enjoying the Squilt series Meet the Composers as his first music appreciation class. He said " I like the music it makes me feel good and the composers are very interesting".

Really great!

My kids are super engaged and loving this program!

Listening Calendar
Lois Johnson

Listening Calendar

Simple, yet helpful

Great value, especially as a member!

Listening Calendar
Miriam Jones
Listening Calendar

The listening calendar has been a simple fun addition to our day. It has sparked fun and thoughtful conversations some laughter, and the longer we go with it the more musical and instrument recognition my kids have gained. I also personally look forward to the songs each day! It has expanded all of our worlds.

Love, love, love SQUILT !

My kids and I truly enjoy the listening calendar! I have 13 to 4 year old students and they all love it. Matter fact, it's the one subject we do every day.

So enjoyable!

We really love the monthly Listening Calendar! It's a fun addition to our school day and an easy way to add music appreciation to our lives!

Listening Calendar
Sumitra Paul

Doing the Listening Calendar for the first time, my kids are learning to be quiet and listen to great music pieces. Excellent product, thank you

Listening Calendar
Sarah Koser

We aren't a musically inclined family, but since we've started SQUILT, my kids fight over who gets to watch it first! (In a good way). They are mesmerized by the visual of instruments and selected slide shows, so to speak. It has certainly increased our music discussions. I didn't know how to tap into music, and the calendar has really helped. Thanks!

Listening Calendar
Christine Ritucci
So easy!!!

We love the pieces and the ease of bringing music into our daily routine!