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Teacher gives Squilt an A+

I am a K-12 music teacher in a rural public school. I use Squilt’s listening calendar for an autistic student who loves music but can handle the loud that comes with middle school band. Through Squilt, I’ve been able to create an Independent Study class for her; she loves it & looks forward to it every band class.

The Centerpiece of our Homeschool

I'm so glad we discovered the Listening Calendar! It's become the centerpiece of our homeschool--I kid you not. After one of my children was diagnosed with an aggressive terminal disease last year (once the shock wore off), I searched for homeschool curriculum that would pull all of my children together. Nothing has done that better than the listening calendar. I can't begin to tell you how much joy it's brought to our house. We always listen an hour or so before bed because it gives us time to jump down the rabbit holes that always follow--timeline of the musicians, were they married?, watch more snippets from the movie, musical, play, did they have kids?, what type of instrument is that, etc. The perfect way to end the night. Thank you!

We love it!

It's so easy to just open and go and get a little music education as part of morning time each day.

Volume 1 - Baroque Era


I’m loving SQUILT. It has made implementing music appreciation into our family and homeschool a breeze! I only wish all the links were continually update. I found that some do not work. Not a big deal, as I can easily search. We are starting with Modern era and working backwards and the everyone has been really engaged! We will be buying other era’s when we finish!

So fun and easy!

This was such a great fit for our family. It was super simple for me and the kids were excited each morning to see what musical selection we would be hearing.

We enjoyes so much that I am purchasing the February calendar too.

Daily Music Fun

Squilt makes listening to a diverse selection of music easy. It is also fun to be able to pick songs to listen to from the youtube channel and learn more about the ones we like. And talk about the ones we didnt like so much.

Listening Calendar

So Much Fun!

My daughter looked forward to music everyday because of the Musical Listening Calendar! Fun selections and a great way to spark appreciation for music and theatre!

Great beginning to music appreciation for my students!

It was our first month and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!! My students asked to repeat several of the selections and even to watch CATS in its entirety!

January Listening Calendar

It was our first time to buy from Squilt and use its music calendar for our homeschool. My son enjoyed listening to the songs and got interested to the other songs not included in the playlist but are part of the musical play. Thanks!

Great Music Appreciation Unit

We've loved this unit as a supplement to our History class. Some days we just do the basic SQUILT. Sometimes we use the extra material and just chase down the great links posted. It's great to be able to study as much or as little as we want.


This is the first music study we've done from Squilt Music and we absolutely loved it! I had actually never seen the Nutcracker so I learned quite a bit along side my kiddo's who had also never seen it. Definitely look forward to doing more. Thank you.

Meet The Instruments Bundle

Meet The Instruments Bundle

Lots of fun!

Learning A Lot

My children love Squilt time.


We’re really enjoying our SQUILT products! They’re short enough to keep our young kids’ attention, but still have a lot of information in them.

Loved it!

I ordered this partly for our own homeschool, and also to help teach our American Heritage Girls unit for their Music Appreciation badge. The illustrations are very clear and well-done. Each of the girls (ages 6-8) caught on within 10 minutes how the instruments are part of 4 main families. The videos are great for exploring sounds of instruments that I don't have. It is well-worth the purchase to have these, as well as the video links, at your fingertips when planning the lesson.

Crowd Pleaser!

I've wanted to do an Advent Handel's Messiah devotional but haven't been able to figure out how I'd make it come alive for my kids, 9, 6, 4, and 1 yo. Enter Miss Mary and her live lessons! They love listening to the clips, drawing in the accompanying printable packets, answering her questions during the lesson and challenging themselves with the quiz at the end. I signed up for 3 months, thinking we'd try it out during the winter months when we can't get outside as much, but my kids ask for it every week. We'll be staying to further develop our love of music. Thank you Miss Mary!

Extra Helper

This set of posters is helpful during SQUILT lessons. Maybe even more helpful for mom, who has to help the little ones describe what they hear.

We have absolutely enjoyed the music provided by Squilt!!! It is a highlight of our school time!!

Meet the Instruments: Exploring the Orchestra

Good, wish for printable lyrics included

I wish the lyrics were included for all the songs. Otherwise fun. I think I enjoyed it more than my kids though.