Meet the Composers

Do you want to give your children a glimpse into music history?

Do you desire to expose them to the most beautiful pieces from the greatest composers, but have little or no music background yourself?

Shouldn't your children have a knowledge of composers and their major works?

Meet the Composers: Exploring Great Music does all of this... and more! 

Through a series of beautifully designed flash cards, your children will learn about 30 of the world's greatest composers and their major works. Then, using a simple online resource page they will be able to LISTEN to each of these works. It's music appreciation, made EASY!

Video Tour of Meet the Composers




30 Gorgeous Composer Cards

These cards are simple and effective.  Delivered to you as a PDF file, the cards are designed for easy, double-sided printing; the front of the card features the composer, and the back features their name, dates, musical era & nationality, interesting facts, and two works written by the composer.

Perfect for Multiple Ages

We have designed this resource with ALL ages in mind!   The information presented on the back is simple enough for younger children, but also can be engaging for older children.  The musical selections are appealing to ALL ages - and will capture the adults, too!

Learn Through Games

Several suggestions for teaching games are included - to make learning about composers engaging and FUN!  This is a great resource for your tactile and visual learners. 

Music appeals to ALL CHILDREN and gives them a gift for their entire lives.


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