Meet the Instruments

Do you want to teach your children about the instruments of the orchestra?

Are you looking for a resource that is affordable, visually appealing, and of the highest quality?

Meet the Instruments: Exploring the Orchestra is just for YOU!  

Through a series of beautiful instrument cards and over 30 corresponding videos and teaching suggestions, your children will gain an understanding of and appreciation for the symphony orchestra. 

Video Tour of Meet the Instruments:


32 Beautiful Instrument Cards 

Front Side Features the Instrument

The set is designed for easy double-sided printing. The front of each card features a beautiful illustration of an instrument family or specific instrument. A general conductor card is also included. 

PLUS Access to a Password Protected Resource Page

The password-protected resource page contains:

  • Teaching Suggestions
  • Game Suggestions
  • Over 30 curated videos demonstrating the sound of the instruments of the orchestra, bringing you the best performances by the best orchestras
  • Additional printables to extend learning

Back Side Features Facts About the Instrument

The back side features 4 facts about the instrument or family and 1 fun fact. In this way you can quiz your children by telling them the facts and having them guess the instrument! 

 What Ages Can Use Meet The Instruments?

This resource is great for ALL AGES

  • Pre-School - High School can benefit from Meet The Instruments
  • Printables and suggestions are included for the youngest to the oldest listeners
  • The resource is designed to be FLEXIBLE, used by multiple ages,  and SIMPLE for even the nonmusical parent.
  • As with all of the SQUILT products, Meet the Instruments is appropriate for multiple ages.