10 Best YouTube Channels for Classical Music

We KNOW it is important to expose our children to beautiful music.

Each SQUILT Music Appreciation volume features carefully curated recordings of the best music to share with children.

In our quest to bring you the best curriculum, we have discovered several YouTube channels that are wonderful for children.

Use these channels throughout your day, during a Morning Time, meals, or at quiet and bedtimes.

It is our goal to help YOU bring beautiful music into the lives of your children.

 10 Best YouTube Channels for Classical Music (to share with children)

Classical Tunes

This channel, designed to expose the novice listener to the best works in classical music by all of the major composers, is a treasure trove of listening!  It's perfect for just turning on as background music, or if you're looking to highlight a specific composer there is plenty here to choose from!

Halidon Music

Halidon Music is a European record label, and their YouTube Channel is fabulous! Take time to poke through the videos - one of our personal favorites is 10 Classical Music Pieces in the Movies. Children can learn a lot about music with this channel!

The Garden of Harmony

It was the art work on the covers that first attracted us to this channel, but there is an incredible amount of listening here - mostly from the 18th century, although you will find some from the late Renaissance to the present.  


In many of our SQUILT Volumes we link to graphic scores. Children love to be able to "see" what the music looks like with a graphic representation. This channel will not disappoint!

London Philharmonic Orchestra

This channel is the official channel of the London Philharmonic, so there is A LOT here. Our favorite is The 50 Greatest Pieces of Classical Music playlist.  Wouldn't it be fun to listen to a piece each week? 

Classical Music Cartoons - King FM Family Page

So much fun! This radio station from the Northwest US has put together a playlist of cartoons featuring Classical music.  We like their whole channel, but the family page is really where you will want to focus!


Yes, you are reading that right... look closely and you will see this is a channel dedicated exclusively to Mozart. We've all heard that Mozart makes us smarter and calms kids down, so this is a great channel! It would be wonderful to read some books about Mozart and immerse your child in his music - such an easy thing to do!

The Piano Guys

Ok, maybe this isn't purely "Classical", but The Piano Guys bring so much enjoyment, and do have many fun arrangements of Classical favorites.   (Our favorite is O Fortuna)

Valentina Lisitsa

The channel of this Ukranian pianist is beautiful - and a PERFECT way to share piano music with your children. She makes playing the piano look "cool" - you must share her simple performance of Fur Elise with your children!


Exactly what it looks like: "Soli Deo Gloria" - this channel is especially for all of the Classical educators out there - beautiful sacred music to share with your children.

 10 Best YouTube Channels for Classical Music (to share with children)

Do you have any favorite YouTube channels to add?  Let us know in the comments below!

Take ONE thing off your plate. Let us teach your children music appreciation.

Sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee... Or learn with us. 


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  • I would also recommend TwoSet Violin as another good classical music youtube channel. They are super relatable for younger kids interested in music, and make it accessible and fun.

  • A very good classical music youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0DetcirZ0yduxj6s4ldqlg


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