Learn About the Instruments of the Orchestra

Our mission at SQUILT music is to help parents and teachers foster a knowledge and appreciation of beautiful music in children. 

Through a series of volumes focusing on musical eras and composers, children are exposed to the essential musical pieces of the past and present. 

During a Super Quiet UnInterrupted Listening Time lesson, children are taught how to listen for the key elements in music: Rhythm, Tempo, Dynamics, Instrumentation, and Mood. 

The ability to articulate what the INSTRUMENTATION  (the instruments being used) is in a particular piece of music is a skill that must be developed over time and repeated exposure.

We are happy to announce a new resource in the SQUILT family.  

This resource teaches your children EVERYTHING they need to know about the instruments of the symphony orchestra. 


 Learn About the Instruments of the Orchestra - a new resource from SQUILT Music!

Meet The Instruments

Meet the Instruments: Exploring the Orchestra is really very simple.

It is ONE convenient PDF file (just like all SQUILT resources) - contained in this PDF are:

  • 32 beautifully designed instrument flashcards (set up for easy double sided printing)
  • access to a password protected resource page with over 30 curated videos to teach your children all about the sounds of the instruments
  • teaching ideas
  • game ideas
  • additional printables

     Meet The Instruments: Exploring the Orchestra - a simple and effective way to teach your children about the instruments of the symphony orchestra


    Meet the Instruments  can be used alone, or it can be used to supplement any SQUILT volume. 

    Remember, INSTRUMENTATION is a crucial piece of the music appreciation puzzle, so if your children master these cards they will have mastered a huge part of music vocabulary!

    We don't think you'll find anything quite as easy and effective to help you teach your children all about the orchestra. 


     Knowing the sound of orchestra instruments seems to be a lost skill in today's fast-paced, pop music culture. Give your children the gift of a knowledge that will NEVER leave them -- and a knowledge that will allow them to appreciate and UNDERSTAND music for the rest of their lives!


     Learn About the Instruments of the Orchestra - a new resource from SQUILT Music

    Take ONE thing off your plate. Let us teach your children music appreciation.

    Sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee... Or learn with us. 


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