25 Patriotic American Classical Music Pieces

Music is a universal language we all have the capacity to understand and appreciate. 

The ability to recognize and appreciate varied types of music is a gift we can give our children. Here at SQUILT Musicit is our mission to equip families and educators to share music with children - to give that most precious of gifts to the next generation. 

One of the many uses of music is preserve history. 

In the 1700s a young America was developing its own national identity - and with that identity came a particular musical style. Over the course of the next 250 years that music would evolve and change. It would be written to commemorate battles, wars, victories, struggles, hopes, and fears. 

When we teach our children to be familiar with this particularly "American" music, we are passing along our national pride and heritage. We are giving them a glimpse into the feelings of the people during that time, as heard through that music.

 25 Patriotic American Classical Music Pieces

Whether it is the music of the march king, John Philip Sousa,  the stirring orchestral landscape music of Aaron Copland, the prolific compositions of Leonard Bernstein, or the rousing American music of George Gershwin, there is so much richness and beauty in American music.

We've compiled the following 25 pieces for you to share with your children. You can research each piece and discuss its origins, or you can simply just LISTEN.  

(These are just 25 of our favorites - there are so many more!)

You will be amazed at how often your children will hear these pieces (especially around the American holidays) and they will feel such pride that YES, they do know them! 

Our hope is that this supports you in your endeavors to pass along our uniquely American heritage to your children. 

America is a tune. It must be sung together.
— Gerald Stanley Lee

Download your Patriotic American Music List.

This download is open-and-go: simply click the links in the document to begin listening!


To learn more about great music and share it with your children, check out our many Super Quiet UnInterrupted Listening Time options! 


 25 Patriotic American Classical Music Pieces

Take ONE thing off your plate. Let us teach your children music appreciation.

Sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee... Or learn with us. 


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