A Celebration of World Music

With the cancellation of so many travel plans, we have the perfect plan for you this summer.

Join as we travel the globe in SQUILT LIVE!

Music reflects the soul of a people. Music gives us a window into the history and spirit of a country. We can literally EXPERIENCE a culture by closing our eyes and listening to its music.

This summer your children will ride a musical train through the countryside of Brazil, learn about a modern-day conductor from Venezuela (who is a TREAT to watch!), discover the history of yodeling and the polka in Austria and Germany, and dive into tribal music from Africa.

(and those are just the highlights)

We're going to have such fun in SQUILT LIVE! this summer!


A celebration of world music: Travel the globe in SQUILT LIVE!

Celebrate World Music

As you join us this summer, you will stamp your passport for three continents:

  • June: South America (special emphasis on Brazil & Venezuela)
  • July: Europe (emphasis on Austria & Germany)
  • August: Africa (emphasis on percussion ensembles and tribal music)


SQUILT LIVE! Music Appreciation lessons are good for children of all ages



These lessons will be good for children of ALL AGES. A SQUILT LIVE! lesson packet includes activities about the elements of music for your older children, and fun coloring and activity sheets to keep your younger ones engaged, too.

With a SQUILT LIVE! summer passport you will receive each month:

  • a listening calendar with curated selections for each day of the month
  • 2 live lessons each month (recorded if you cannot attend live)
  • access to our ENTIRE archives of lessons (over 60 recorded lessons and packets)
  • members-only discount: 20% off all items in the SQUILT store
  • members-only volume: SQUILT Goes to the Movies


Give your children an engaging, fun, and memorable learning experience this summer. Instill a love and appreciation of beautiful music. And... treat yourself to some time off because you don't have to do a thing - sit back and learn along with us as we travel the globe.



View the summer lesson schedule.


SQUILT LIVE! Celebrate World Music Summer 2020


Remember, when you join SQUILT LIVE! at the 3 month level, you automatically receive 2 weeks free. This makes joining for the summer months the PERFECT way to save.

We can't wait to make musical memories while traveling the globe with you this summer!


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