Lenten Listening Calendar

Music is an integral part of Lent.

The season of Lent (the time between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday) is a time when we prepare our hearts and minds for the death and resurrection of Jesus.

From Medieval chants, Bach's liturgical music, and Martin Luther's hymns - to more contemporary hymns, there is a rich selection of music for the Lenten season.

Just as we learn about eras of history through music, we  also learn about seasons of the church year through music. 

For Lent, we immerse ourselves in music that quiets our hearts and minds - music that puts us in a contemplative and peaceful state.  We memorize hymns rich with scripture.  We place ourselves back in the early church as we listen to the Latin mass.

We ultimately are drawn closer to God and his most precious gift to us, his Only Son. 

 Listening Calendar for Lent

SQUILT Music Appreciation offers a complimentary Lenten listening calendar.

This calendar includes a piece of music for each of the 40 days and 5 Sundays in Lent. Simply click the link on the day in the calendar and you will be directed to a piece of sacred Lenten music. 

(This resource is good for ANY calendar year - simply begin on Ash Wednesday and follow along.)

Also, I will send you some follow-up ideas - ways you can make the most of the listening calendar in your home.

At SQUILT Music Appreciation our goal is to make learning about and enjoying music as simple and low stress as possible!



Do you know about SQUILT LIVE?

This is our live lesson academy - where I teach your children about beautiful music.

Take ONE thing off your plate. Let us teach your children music appreciation.

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