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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, affectionately referred to as "Wolfie" in his childhood, is a composer children can relate to and enjoy learning about.

As we learn the story of Mozart, expose our children to his music, and give them extended amounts of time to appreciate that music, their love and desire for more music grow.

Not only does learning about Mozart increase appreciation, it also teaches children about a time period in history, the motivations of thinkers of the time, and how music is a reflection of the world's events.


Learn About Mozart: Keep it Simple

When you teach children about a composer, keep it simple. Learning about a composer should be enjoyable and stress free - an act of wonder. 

Many times you can sneak music in the back door - include it in your Morning Time, listen in the car, listen throughout the day. Add a read aloud about the composer you are studying. Provide yummy snacks while doing Super Quiet UnInterrupted Listening Time.

Be creative! Music is just a part of our lives!

Three things are essential for a memorable study:

  • Provide quality books about composers.
  • Immerse children in the composer's music.
  • Dig deeper to teach about the music itself.


Books About Mozart

 Our favorite biographies about composers are by Opal Wheeler. If a biography for a composer exists by Opal Wheeler, we always start there. Mozart, the Wonder Boy is a beautiful book about Mozart as a child. It gives our children insight into his genius - and they can relate to his childhood shenanigans, too! 

Thomas Tapper wrote very sweet biographies about composers, too. Most often you can find these on Project Gutenburg free of charge. The books are printable and a great keepsake for your studies. The Child's Own Book of Great Musicians: Mozart is perfect!

A few more of our favorites:

Pick a book (or two or three!) and use them as your read-alouds during the month you are listening to Mozart's music.

 Listen to the Music: A Month of Mozart

Immerse your children in the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart by providing one piece of his music each day for your children to enjoy.

By the end of the month your children will EASILY be able to recognize a piece by Mozart and talk to you about what makes Mozart's music uniquely MOZART! 

Enjoy this free listening calendar - which can be used any month you choose. 

(The month of Mozart's birth is January, so that might be a good month to choose - but you don't have to be restricted to that.)

Included are 31 pieces (with 2 by Leopold Mozart, Wolfgang's father) - and a few directions to make the most of the calendar. This calendar will provide your children with a rich exposure to Mozart's music.

It's simple - just LISTEN - a little each day will yield such HUGE rewards.


Dig Deeper: Mozart Composer Spotlight

Our Mozart Composer Spotlight is then the perfect way to dig deeper into the life and music of Mozart. It will be the perfect addition to the month of Mozart should you choose to extend your child's learning.

Included in the spotlight are teaching instructions for three of Mozart's most famous works, notebooking pages, listening links, and supplemental activities. 

We explore the music of Mozart in depth and teach your children how to critically listen for rhythm, tempo, dynamics, instrumentation, and mood. You can use the study exactly as directed, or you can pick and choose what you have time for and will enjoy.

SQUILT studies are good for ALL ages, and especially for multiple ages learning together!


Mozart Composer Study

Mozart in SQUILT LIVE!

We have an extensive collection of recorded lessons about Mozart available to SQUILT LIVE! members.

In SQUILT LIVE! Miss Mary does all of the teaching for you - simply take advantage of the live lessons if you can, or choose recorded lessons at your leisure.

Check out our ever-growing archives.

With a SQUILT LIVE! membership you receive:

  • Two live lessons each month
  • Access to ALL recorded lessons
  • A new listening calendar each month
  • Access to ALL previous calendars
  • 20% discount on all PDF products
  • Recordings of SQUILT Basics classes
  • Members-only volume, SQUILT Goes to the Movies
  • and MORE!


Learning about beautiful music should be simple, memorable, and enjoyable.

Let us partner with you to bring this gift to your children!

Any questions? Just leave us a comment below and we're happy to help!
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