Music Appreciation for Fall

Fall is the perfect season to include music appreciation in your children's education. The days are growing shorter and chilly weather inspires us to spend more time indoors with cozy activities. 

Super Quiet UnInterrupted Listening Time is the perfect way to build a love of great music as well as a habit of attention in children. 

We want to help your children "fall in love with music" this fall! Our latest offering, SQUILT LIVE!, brings a music appreciation expert into your home to engage and excite your elementary and middle grades children.

From Autumn (from The Four Seasons) by Vivaldi to The Maple Leaf Rag by Scott Joplin, we will be exploring music from the Baroque and Modern eras this October. Through live online lessons and a PDF listening calendar, students will learn about these two extremely different eras of music. They will become familiar with instrumentation, rhythms, composers, and much more.

Here's a sneak peek of how we'll fall in love with music this October:


 SQUILT LIVE! Music Appreciation Lessons for Children

The Maple Leaf Rag

This piece, written by Scott Joplin in The Modern Era, is the unofficial anthem of Ragtime - a distinctly American style of music. 

As we listen to this piece (performed on the piano) we will talk about syncopation, form, and the beginnings of jazz. 

The Maple Leaf Rag draws children in because of its catchy ragtime rhythms. Often we need to meet children where they are, and a piece like The Maple Leaf Rag does just that.   In our live lesson we will use a listening map to follow the music and learn about its form.




"Autumn" from The Four Seasons

This piece, quite the opposite of The Maple Leaf Rag, has a stately elegance and inherent beauty that appeals to children and adults alike. 

One of the most popular pieces ever written, The Four Seasons, is a piece we can learn so much from - form, instrumentation, and mood will be discussed in our live lessons. 

Antonio Vivaldi was one of the Baroque greats, and we will listen to many more pieces by him in our October listening calendar. 



Each of these live lessons comes with a printable lesson packet.  SQUILT LIVE! students will make a notebook with listening maps, notebooking pages, and more. It allows them to create a beautiful collection of repertoire they love and have become familiar with - what a gift! 

We also suggest extra musical activities for families that want to go a little bit further with their studies. 

 SQUILT LIVE! Music Appreciation for Children  

If you'd like to give your children the gift of music appreciation, we'd love to have you join SQUILT LIVE! Membership is flexible and affordable, designed for families on a budget that desire to give their children an exceptional music education.

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