Music Appreciation for Summer

Summer is the perfect time to give your children something different - something you might not have included during the regular school year.

The summer months are also the time when we celebrate our patriotic holidays - Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day. 

A knowledge of American music is essential - the music of American composers reflects our history, values, emotions, and attitudes. Music allows us to celebrate, reflect, and truly see into the spirit of people.

SQUILT LIVE! Plus members have access to An Exploration of American Music, a past summer of all patriotic lessons!

Best of all, parents/teachers don't have to do a thing. Simply press play and all of the work is done by ME!


 Summer 2018 with SQUILT LIVE! - Celebrate American Music Appreciation

Music Appreciation to Celebrate America 

Several broad categories of American music are included - March, Folk, Broadway, and Symphonic.  (We have already studied Ragtime and Scott Joplin in our SQUILT LIVE! lessons in past years.)

(In our LIVE! lessons celebrated the life of Leonard Bernstein. His 100th birthday was in 2018! The impact he had on American music is tremendous.)

Play these pieces for your children. Do a little research about each one. Learn about the composers. Draw pictures. Encourage your little ones to respond with movement.

A list of books to go along with this theme is also provided at the end of the post.

Six pieces are given here. If your children want more, simply look for other pieces by the same composer. You can always fall down a music rabbit hole quite easily! 


In our monthly SQUILT LIVE! lessons  we explored these pieces in greater depth, and learned more American music through our monthly listening calendars.

PLUS, when you join SQUILT LIVE! Plus you also receive access to over 100 other recorded lessons!


The Waltzing Cat by Leroy Anderson


Variations on America by Charles Ives

Washington Post March by John Philip Sousa

Oh, Susanna! (arranged for orchestra) by Stephen Foster

Overture to Candide by Leonard Bernstein

Mambo from West Side Story by Leonard Bernstein

 Books to Enhance the Music

What Charlie HeardWhat Charlie HeardJohn Philip DuckJohn Philip DuckMy Country, 'Tis of Thee: How One Song Reveals the History of Civil RightsMy Country, 'Tis of Thee: How One Song Reveals the History of Civil RightsMusic Was IT: Young Leonard Bernstein (Junior Library Guild Selection)Music Was IT: Young Leonard Bernstein (Junior Library Guild Selection)88 Instruments88 InstrumentsM is for Melody: A Music Alphabet (Art and Culture)M is for Melody: A Music Alphabet (Art and Culture)



 Music Appreciation for Summer with SQUILT Music

Enjoy a summer of music appreciation with your children!

I'd love for your children to join us in SQUILT LIVE! Plus.Parents love the flexibility, convenience, and ease of use for MULTIPLE ages!

“We began using the SQUILT program last year and my daughter has enjoyed it but having the opportunity for her to learn directly from you is a blessing!”
“I am so pleased with what you put together. I am teaching 5 children in a co-op. Their ages and abilities vary. It’s so rewarding to see them learning this material, and being excited about it."
“You are such a blessing. We are thankful to have you and your love for music as part of our homeschool and part of our lives. Though we may only spend an hour “with” you during our Live sessions, your spirit and passion stay with us long after. 

Thank you for making music magical.”
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