Printable Music Word Cards

Music appreciation has its own specific "grammar" - or language.

As children learn to listen to music it is necessary for them to know the words to express what they are hearing. 

Rather than saying something is loud or soft, we can talk about the dynamics. Instead of using the words fast and slow we can use different Italian words for the tempo, or speed of the beat. When we talk about the rhythm we mean the patterns of sounds and silences that make the music interesting.

As children listen to an orchestra it is good to know the four families of instruments and how to spell specific instrument names correctly.


SQUILT Music Appreciation Printable Word Cards


Children who are able to articulate what they are hearing in a piece of music can use those same skills as they learn to communicate both through the written and spoken word. 

Children who have learned how to appreciate beautiful music generally have an appreciation for other things of beauty. The skills they acquire in a music appreciation lesson translate to other areas. 


Teaching Tip and Download:

As your children have Super Quiet UnInterrupted Listening Time, encourage them to listen for the elements of music - dynamics, rhythm, tempo, instrumentation, and mood. 

To assist you with learning about the elements of music, we are offering a FREE coloring download. This download includes ten words that are essential to your children's music vocabulary.

As children are listening to a piece of music, let them color these music word cards. These are words we use LIBERALLY in the SQUILT curriculum! 



From the Musical Era volumes to the Meet the Instrument Cards (and even in our live lessons), children are consistently encouraged to use the grammar of music to articulate what they are hearing.


Do you study music appreciation with your children?

Let us make that job easy for you with SQUILT!


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