Summer Music Appreciation Lessons

Many people ask if we have SQUILT LIVE! lessons in the summer.

The short answer is YES!

Summer is the perfect time to beat the heat with music - enjoy a live afternoon lesson (or catch a recording if you miss it live), pour a glass of lemonade, and dive into beautiful music.

Summer is also the perfect time for the homeschooling parent to get a BREAK and let someone else do the teaching!

Traditionally schooled children who are at home for the summer gain the opportunity to learn something they might not otherwise learn about in school.



This summer we will be exploring music written specifically for children. This music has a whimsical quality that lends itself to imagination, storytelling, and painting mental pictures. 

Our SQUILT Summer,  "Composed for Children", is perfect for ALL AGES of children.

Families with multiple ages learning together benefit from these lessons. Our youngest children will love the whimsy and imagination of this music, while older children will be able to appreciate the true musical GENIUS evident in these works.



The Carnival of the Animals by Camille Saint-Saens is a suite of 14 musical movements. Saint-Saens was afraid this whimsical suite would ruin his serious image and banned it being played publicly until after his death.

We will learn about the music (and the corresponding poetry by Ogden Nash) and how Saint-Saens used instrumentation, mood, dynamics, and tempo to perfectly portray animals in music. Listening maps (which are always a favorite of the students') will be used!



Claude Debussy composed his tender 1908 work, The Children's Corner,  to entertain his young daughter and also to explore music through the eyes of a child. We will learn about Debussy's incorporation of musical humor and the techniques he used to evoke the feelings of growing up in his music.

We will also learn about French Impressionism and Debussy's place in that movement.



Most of our children are familiar with Mother Goose rhymes. This month we will explore them in music, through Maurice Ravel's Mother Goose Suite. This suite was written for two of Ravel's young friends, Jean and Mimie, when they were still in the early stages of their piano studies. 

Ravel wrote for them a four-hand piano suite tailored to their small hands and limited technical abilities. Each of the five movements was based on one of the children's favorite fairy tales. 


Children have so much fun interacting in a live lesson setting, but if your children cannot attend live, each and every lesson is recorded and available in the archives.

To see the summer schedule, including dates and times of lessons, click here.


As a member of SQUILT LIVE! you will also receive:

  • a listening calendar for each month, with curated pieces to listen to each day.
  • access to our entire archives, which includes over 35 lesson packets and recorded lessons!
  • a members-only volume, SQUILT Goes to the Movies
  • 20% discount on all SQUILT products


Children deserve a beautiful music education. 

With SQUILT LIVE!, all you have to do is click a button to give it to them!


Join Summer in SQUILT LIVE! - Composed for Children - today!



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