What Makes SQUILT LIVE! Wonderful?


Do you want to give your children a truly BEAUTIFUL music education, but don't know where to start?

The SQUILT LIVE! community is a vibrant group of children and parents who are learning tremendous amounts about composers, music history, music theory, instruments, the grammar of music, and MUCH more.

It is a community where children as young as 3 and as old as 16 are learning side by side about timeless pieces of music. (Many of their parents are reclaiming their own music educations by participating in the lessons, too.)

It is an online opportunity where children can receive live lessons, participate in a myriad of recorded lessons, access monthly lesson calendars, and have an expert music educator at their disposal. 

The Gift of Music Appreciation : SQUILT LIVE! - a parent's testimonial

Unless you are a member of SQUILT LIVE!, it's hard to describe the tremendous value of this type of music education - so today I wanted you to hear from one of our parents.

This email arrived shortly after a month of our studying Claude Debussy and his Children's Corner suite in SQUILT LIVE! This mother perfectly captures the heart and spirit of what SQUILT LIVE! is all about.

Note: Text in parentheses is a note from me about the lesson. All other words are from this lovely mom.

Louis and Marion are some of our younger members, but this goes to show you that our youngest ones are capable of SO MUCH! 


SQUILT LIVE! - A Parent Testimonial

Louis and Marion are just 6.5 years old and they (and mom!) love music with Miss Mary.

This week’s Debussy lesson inspired some musical note sea creatures and someone was really making an effort to follow those musical terms. By the end, we had some treble clef-inspired snails moving across the page and a grand piano!

(In this lesson our goal was to learn about how Debussy had been inspired by the Classical era composer, Clementi, when he wrote his piece Dr. Gradus ad Parnassum. We talked about similarities and differences between the two pieces.)

A snapshot of a lesson packet in a SQUILT LIVE! lesson

We aren’t using the pages entirely as intended yet, but they follow along with the correct pages and I let them draw as they like. They get a little upset if I skip printing any pages, because they really want to follow along with Miss Mary. So, they get a full printout in a special folder.

(I encourage parents and children to strive for whatever they can do - some things the littles will understand, others they will understand later. The key is EXPOSURE. The older children will benefit from every part of the lesson. Each lesson has a detailed lesson packet with activities for older and younger children.)

They remembered studying Debussy last year and a couple of details from his life, mentioned in last year’s lesson. 


Give Children a Beautiful Music Education with SQUILT LIVE : a parent's testimonial

They love the First Discovery Music books about composers. We have been collecting that series since you recommended one in a lesson last year.

They love the daily listening calendar, too. We listen to it each day at lunch. It is a beautiful way to call the kids to the table and share that experience together with food for hungry bellies!

(Each month we have a listening calendar with a selection curated for each day that goes along with our monthly theme.)

Thank you for all that you do!  We’ve been so blessed by you!


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Learn More About SQUILT LIVE!

All of the details of our membership can be found here.

Some other things to consider:

  • Join us at ANY time - we have no opening or closing of our membership doors. 
  • Membership includes access to over FIFTY pre-recorded lessons, all searchable in our index to the archives.
  • Our live lessons are a great way for you to outsource something - and for your children to participate in a safe and fun online learning experience.
  • Your teacher (Miss Mary) has over 25 years of experience teaching in elementary school music classrooms, homeschool co-ops, and private settings. She is a degreed music educator and classically trained pianist, and the mother of two teens.
  • We offer a printable lesson packet and quiz at the end of each lesson - perfect for those homeschoolers that need to keep these records for their portfolios.
  • We work with MANY charter schools. Recommend us to your charter if we aren't already a vendor.

If you have any other questions, I'm happy to answer them! Simply leave a comment below or email us at support@squiltmusic.com.

Join SQUILT LIVE! today!

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