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The Musical Era Bundle includes all four Musical Eras (Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Modern) and sells for a 12% discount over purchasing each volume separately.


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Comprehensive and fun!

I heard about SQUILT through a homeschool blog and thought I would try it out. After doing a sample lesson, I knew this would be a good fit for our homeschool, so I purchased the musical era bundle.

This package is so comprehensive! The musical era covers key composers and famous songs. I loved all the extra information and links provided too.

The notebooking pages are awesome and my girls especially love the practice of drawing what they hear.

I can’t say enough good things about SQUILT. This bundle was one of the best homeschool investments I ever made.

Love this

My 6 kids all look forward to listening to squilt during morning time! Thank you for blessing others with this gift of music

Great quality

Love that everything is there for me. No hunting for music or creating my own worksheets.

Excellent Program!

My two children (9 and 7) are enjoying our SQUILT time together! We've added this to our morning meeting time a couple times a week. I love how they are learning to appreciate all the music we're being exposed to! They're learning to hear the different instruments, tempos, dynamics, and mood of each song. And they're learning the composers throughout history who gave us this amazing music! Thank you so much!

SQUILT Era Bundle

I am so glad that I purchased this bundle. We have briefly talked about some of the music eras in our homeschool, but I love that this has so much more to add to each era. It is easy to use, the links take you right to pieces talked about, and I have been able to use it with my 4 year old, 8 and 10 year old all at the same time. Thank you for doing the work for me otherwise, I don't know if my kids would get the rich informational experience they are able to get through resources like SQUILT.